Why Women Kill Review - A campy, kitschy Desperate Housewives

Why Women Kill Review - A campy, kitschy Desperate Housewives
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For fans of Marc Cherry, Why Women Kills comes after years of wait. His previous show Devious Maids didn't create magic at on the small screen as its predecessor Desperate Housewives did. But Why Women Kills promises to fill in the void that Desperate Housewives left. This show too involves the lives of women living in the suburbs and what drives them to murderous rage. But here's the difference, while DH concentrated more on their lives, WWK concentrates more on the plotlines. The show itself has a unique form of narration, where simultaneously three women are driven by rage to kill their spouses across three different timelines. While the timelines change, their response to betrayal remains the same. Be it a housewife from the 60s, or a socialite in the 80s or a lawyer in 2019, Marc Cherry has ensured that these women are not going to take marital discord lying down. Plot Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Lucy Liu and Kirby Howell-Baptiste, the story is about 3 women who have adulterous husbands and are suspects in murders. Beth Ann Stanton is a devoted and a dutiful housewife in 1963 until she learns of her husband's affair with a waitress, socialite and art gallery owner Simone Grove discovers her third husband's homosexuality and begins her affair with a younger man in 1984, and although in an open marriage in 2019, feminist lawyer Taylor Harding finds her relationship tested when she and her husband fall for the same woman and who is clearly hiding something from them. The infidelity in each marriage sets off a chain of events that ends with each woman killing someone. Writing Created by Marc Cherry, Why Women Kill captures the pulse of the suburban life of ordinary people and how they manage to get themselves out when faced with a dire situation. Like his previous two shows, WWK too is more comedy than drama. There are moments in the show when you don't know if you should sympathise with the character or laugh at the next scene which is filled with light, comedy moments. For example, the 1984 storyline has a lead character suffers from AIDS, but that too isn't too serious and is filled with comedy. That, in my opinion, is a serious drawback of the show, where it is unclear if the serious storylines should be taken 'seriously'. Apart from that the production value, the vintage sets, the garish and loud outfits which have been inspired from yesteryear all makeup for a delightful, campy watch. Acting Out of the three, Lucy Liu is the one who takes the cake and the accolades for her role of the manipulative, selfish yet kind-hearted, socialite. From taking revenge on her unfaithful husband to taking care of him during his illness, Lucy Liu looks pretty much convincing as Simone. Ginnifer Goodwin is also suited in her role as the meek and mousy, Beth Anne who leaves no stone unturned in winning back her husband. Jack Davenport, too in his role as Karl and his oomph-worthy accent is a delight to watch. Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Scott Reid, too have done a good job as a couple making an open-marriage work, but there is nothing noteworthy about their roles. Marc Cherry loves drama. Be it on the screen or in the attire of his actors, there is a lot of drama. His characters are always shown manipulating, scheming and plotting against someone, but his proficiency lies in writing shows where ordinary people are shown doing extraordinary things to protect their loved ones. And one of those things could be murder as well. For those who loved watching Why Women Kill, there is good news already. The show has been renewed for season 2 and will feature new stories and new characters.

Rating: 3.5/5

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