Will Ferrell-Rachel McAdams Starrer ‘Eurovision’ Movie Has a Hilarious Trailer!

Rheas Srivastava -

Will Ferrell-Rachel McAdams Starrer ‘Eurovision’ Movie Has a Hilarious Trailer!

The latest Netflix movie which has everybody’s tongues wagging is the original Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. In the movie, the two actors will be seen as two friends who dream to make it big at the renowned Eurovision song contest. 

The streaming giant has released a trailer and a music video gearing up as promotions for the movie, and we can safely say that it looks absolutely hilarious. Ferrell and McAdams are Lars Erickssong and Sigrit Erickdottir, respectively, who are part of a band called Fire Saga. Their life is ready to take a 360 turn when they are given the prestigious opportunity to represent their country at the competition. There’s only one problem - Fire Saga doesn’t seem to be a very good band, and their countrymen aren’t too fond of them. In fact, they are quite the laughing stock of Iceland (including that for Pierce Brosnan, Lars’ dad, who is shown to be quite ashamed of his son). But since when has that ever been a criterion for a Eurovision winner? Especially since it has been their childhood dream. 

Lars and Sigrid have been eyeing becoming world-renowned pop stars since they were little and now that they’re at the competition, they even have some stiff competition from Dan Stevens’ who is a hot singer, who also happens to seduce Sigrid. For Lars though, it is a chance to prove his ‘extremely handsome father’ that his life isn’t a waste. The film follows an aesthetically garish style, much on the lines of what has made the Eurovision Song Contest famous. 

The Contest, which started in 1956, is an annual competition with around 50 (mostly) European countries participating - each sends one notable pop star/artiste with an original song, which is performed live in front of an international panel of judges. Scores are based on both the panel as well as audience voting which is open to all residents of those countries. Musicians like ABBA, Celine Dion and Johnny Logan have gained popularity due to the contest. 

Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga also stars Demi Lovato, and Natasia and Jamie Demetriou. It will stream on Netflix from June 26. 

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