Without Remorse Review

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Without Remorse Review
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What is the story about?

Based on the eponymous book by Tom Clancy, An elite Navy SEAL's pregnant wife is brutally murdered. He soon discovers an uncovers international conspiracy behind her murder and sets out to seek revenge. He joins forces with a fellow SEAL (Jodie Turner-Smith) and an elusive CIA agent (Jamie Bell) and would stop at nothing till he has avenged his wife's death. He is now torn between duty to his nation and seeking revenge for his wife.


Ok, firstly I do not have issues with casting Michael Jordan as John Clark. Being white was never a major characteristic and he's the right fit physically to pull off that role.  I was fine having a female SEAL in the movie, even though a lot of people said there are no female SEALS, but I guess we have to give artistic freedom to filmmakers.  

But as someone who has read the book, it felt as if the movie was a huge letdown. There were way too many plots that make you wonder, if it would have better to make a series.There is the hint of Vietnam War, the romance with Pam and the tragedy that follows, John recovering and seeking revenge and stalking the perpetrators, the drug and prostitution ring, the police case getting on John's track, John's  relationship with Sandy and the pain they both share. It was honestly too much to add in an 1 and half hour film. It just felt as if the makers had more than one idea of executing the plot which clearly they failed executing and not even Michael B Jordan could save it. They could have added some social and political commentary from the 60s especially the racism issues, but clearly they missed out on an important factor while adding all the unnecessary details.


Michael B Jordan is clearly the star in the film as he is present in every frame. The rest of the cast are fine in their respective roles, but there is clearly noone who stands out apart from Jordan. 

Music & Other Departments

For a thriller, there are some action and fight sequences, chases, and blowing up of houses and cars that seem quite generic. There is no aspect in this film that makes you want to watch it again. It seems the director Stephano Sollima spent more time on stunts than the script. 


None at all.


This movie should have made as an 8- part mini series. There was scope to explore it as a series and it could have set up a whole Clarkverse with a lot of political happenings in America from the 80s, 90s etc.

Did I enjoy it?

It's a generic action movie which ticks a the action movie boxes. However, you can easily predict the big twist towards the end and modern woke political commentary just seems too out of place. It's very familiar and been done much better before in Mission Impossible series and the Bourne series.  It's has replaced story with a lot of action sequence that too look very mediocre. So, no I did not enjoy the film. 

Do I recommend it?

No. Better skip it.

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