Wondering if your favourite series made the cut? Heres all that Netflix has cancelled in 2020 (so far…).

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Wondering if your favourite series made the cut? Heres all that Netflix has cancelled in 2020 (so far…).

It was big enough news last year when streaming giant Netflix cancelled 13 Reasons Why (by giving it a wrap with the just-released fourth season) and Bojack Horseman (with a wrap on its sixth season) Popular shows like Dark, Dear White People…, American Vandal, Fuller House and House of Cards were just a few of what didn’t make the cut, and we’d have thought that with lockdown, Netflix would actually keep a healthy roster. But it doesn’t seem like they are holding back this year either. Here are the shows that Netflix has killed in just half of this truly bizarre year:


AJ and the Queen (Cancelled after Season 1)

Everyone’s favourite drag queen Ruby Red (RuPaul) goes on a cross-country road trip with her tiny sidekick. Sounds like a good idea for a dramedy, but this Netflix show didn’t get too much love and was cancelled just two months after its January 2020 premiere. RuPaul thanked all its fans for their love. 


Astronomy Club (Cancelled after Season 1)

With recent developments, there is a call for more black content and creators in the entertainment world, but Netflix has given the axe to Kenya Barris’ comedy sketch show. The Black-ish creator developed Astronomy Club as an all-black show about societal issues and the experience of being a minority, amongst other things. In spite of Ice Cube and Busy Phillips in the cast, the ratings weren’t strong enough. 


Atypical (Ending with Season 4)

Netflix actually struck gold with this comedy which premieres in 2017. A Connecticut teen and his family deal with his autism in their daily life. After three seasons on Netflix, the showrunner, Robia Rashid, was informed that the fourth season would be it's last.  The good thing is that this knowledge ensures that the show will have a proper wrap and farewell, just the way the fans and supporters would have wanted. 


The Crown (Ending with Season 5)

The award-winning dramatisation on the life of Queen Elizabeth II is wrapping up with season 5. In January 2020, the show’s creator Peter Morgan took to his social media to announce that in spite of a predetermined six-season arc, the story would, in fact, come to an end a year prior. But fans can exhale as the third season just premiered at the end of 2019, and with the pandemic, it seems that the show will only wrap by the end of 2021. Imelda Staunton will take over in the lead role in the final season. 

Insatiable (Cancelled after Season 2)

A formerly fat teenager who rapidly loses weight after being punched in the face by a homeless alcoholic - either the recipe for success or a complete disaster. This is what happens in the black comedy Insatiable. The teenager, played by Debby Ryan, then becomes part of a local beauty pageant circle, which means that there are mind games and scheming contestants galore. Unfortunately, season 2 was its last run. 


Lost in Space (Ending with Season 3)

Set 30 years in the future, Lost in Space centres around the Robinson family who are amongst the one tested and selected to move on to the new world. Colonisation is a part of the new order. However, the colonists find themselves off-course in the journey and now the family (and some other alliances) must work together to defeat these forces of evil. This interesting show will wrap up with season 3 which premieres in 2021. 


Marianne (Cancelled after Season 1)

Not even a Stephen King testimonial was enough to save the French horror series, Marianne, from early cancellation. An author discovers that the terrifying creatures she wrote about are coming to reality. But not too many people watched the show and it was axed in one season. 


Merry Happy Whatever (Cancelled after Season 1)

Just a few months after its first season premiered, this family comedy with Dennis Quaid playing the patriarch (and deputy sheriff of a local town) was cancelled. The series took place over a week during Christmas (as the name suggests), and would have delved further into what happens when Don Quinn’s kids bring their partners home, much to his chagrin. Oh well…


Messiah (Cancelled after Season 1)

Messiah is another one of those newer shows which barely began for us to take attention. Premiering during the holiday season last year, Messiah is about the investigation of a Godman, who could just be a con artist, by the CIA. The show’s star Michelle Monaghan was the one to break the news in March that the show would not be continuing. 


October Faction (Cancelled after Season 1)

We barely got to see what the supernatural drama that premiered in January had in store for Fred and Deloris, the ‘monster hunters’ from New York. Together with their teenage children, the couple was like a modern-day X-Files duo as they attempted to discover the strange truths of the world, while also hiding their identities and the organisation that they worked for. With not many takers for the show, it was cancelled in just two months. 


Osmosis (Cancelled after Season 1)

Soundtrack (Cancelled after Season 1)

'Soundtrack' was part of the musical drama genre that seems to be gaining momentum on TV these days which had multiple love stories about people in Los Angeles connected through music. 10 episodes in, however, the show didn’t seem to connect and was cancelled. The word on social media is quite contrary with a good fan following for soundtrack, so never say never. 

Spinning Out (Cancelled after Season 1)

Ice-skating drama Spinning Out should be given some credit for presenting a story from a niche world in sports. But it wasn’t quite sure of what it wanted to be, and it was cancelled in February 2020, just a month after its New Year’s Day premiere. Having said that, the show’s creator still feels that the show may have a new lease on life if fans wanted and launched a change.org petition to have it continue. 


Terrace House: Tokyo (Cancelled during Current Season)

Japanese reality show 'Terrace House' is about a bunch of celebrities sharing the same roof temporarily. But tragedy struck with the untimely death of a contestant, pro-wrestler Hana Kimura, who allegedly took her own life due to cyberbullying after she had an altercation with another participant on the show. No official cause has been stated, but the show is discontinued the first three parts on Netflix, and the current one only available in Japan. 

Turn Up Charlie (Cancelled after Season 1)

Fans of Idris Elba are going to be disappointed knowing that they will no longer get to see the hot British actor as a DJ and nanny on Turn Up Charlie. He co-created and starred in the show where a bachelor takes up the task to be a nanny to his famous friend’s daughter and received good reviews for his performance. The show, however, did not. 


V Wars (Cancelled after Season 1)

Jonathan Maberry’s novel series got an adaptation starring Ian Somerhaulder as a physician-scientist. It was rather topical and he and his best friend battled the onset of a deadly virus which triggered a war between humans and vampires. Unlike another vampire series starring Somerhaulder, this one didn’t resonate even with the comment on power struggles and climate change. 


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