Work It Review: Netflix’s posh yet predictable dance-comedy doesn't fully work out!

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Work It Review: Netflix’s posh yet predictable dance-comedy doesn't fully work out!
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When Quinn Ackerman’s admission to the college of her dreams depends on her performance at a dance competition, she forms a ragtag group of dancers to take on the best squad in she just needs to learn how to dance.

Format:  Originals
Platform:  Netflix
Movie Rated:  13+
Genre:   Dance, Comedy
Language:  English
Digital Premiere Date:  7 August 2020

Work It is the latest entrant to Netflix’s list of teen comedies which have been catering to the younger audiences around. The film is produced by Alicia Keys and stars a few popular faces.

What’s the story about?
Work It tells us the tale of Quinn (Sabrina Carpenter) and the world around her, which is packed with nothing but dance and a group of friends. After a technical mishap makes her lose her place at her current spot in the high school dance team, she is forced to walk out, only to give birth to her own dance team along with her friend Jas (Liza Koshy) and a few new friends, together finding their way to win the big competition.

Work It tries to put itself into the Step Up range of dance films, by adopting the done-to-death pattern of underdogs trying to win the competition. The film starts off in fine fashion by introducing us to the characters but then takes an utterly predictable route to get things done with its storyline. There is pretty much nothing new that Work It has to offer, but for the enjoyable dance sequences featuring all the units in the film. There is a dearth of comedy as well, which acts against the film’s motive. However, the fast-paced narrative that the film has may well be enough for it to attract the targeted age groups.

Sabrina Carpenter has a great presence onscreen in the lead role, but the problem is how we are not able to relate to her character and the emotional arcs that she possesses. On the other hand, it is Liza Koshy who makes a mark with her impressive characterization, which gives us the bulk of the scenes that stick on our mind. All the other characters in the film have fair roles to play but do not break the shackles and give us something to remember.

Music and other departments
For a film based on a dance competition, music plays a major role, and the team has stuck to the requisites by picking a good soundtrack. The film also has a glossy cinematography style that is sure to go well with the young ones.

The dance sequences in the film, particularly the one at the start and the climax.

The film is extremely predictable and does not offer anything exciting in its space.

Did I enjoy it?
Not much. I didn’t mind watching it but I wanted something special out of it. And also, I was quite surprised at how similar it is to Netflix’s own recent original film, Feel the Beat.

Do I recommend it?
Only if you are a teen yourself, or decide to watch it with the other kids in the house.


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