World on Fire Review - Fantastic Storyline, Engaging Screenplay and Amazing Performances make it is a MUST-WATCH

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World on Fire Review - Fantastic Storyline, Engaging Screenplay and Amazing Performances make it is a MUST-WATCH
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The series follows the hidden lives of ordinary people from Britain, Poland, France, Germany and the United States during World War II.[3] The drama switches its scenes between various locations in France, Britain, Germany and Poland. It features repeated visits to Paris, Warsaw, Manchester, Berlin and Dunkirk.

Format: Feature Film (Direct to OTT)
Platform: Sony Liv
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Drama, War
Language: English
Digital Premiere Date: 14 August 2020

SonyLiv, the Video-on-Demand service based in the Indian Subcontinent, serves all the countries in the subcontinent and as well as in the Gulf countries. The Streaming service is owned by Sony Pictures, India and they have been continuously procuring TV shows from Britain and the UK. Recently, they released the Popular 2019 Show "A Confession" and here they are with another show "World on Fire" which released on the same year. So, here we are to voice out our opinion.

What's the story about?
The show is a periodic war drama and it gives us a visual of normal people's lives in Germany, Great Britain, Poland, the United States and France during World War II which happened from 1939 - 1945. 

The narrative accompanies a collection of exciting and compelling characters: Harry (Jonah - Hauer King), a war-time translator who gets dispatched off to battle as an officer; Lois(Julia Brown), a divorced, pregnant lady planned to make her design; Nancy(Helen Hunt), an American journalist operating in Berlin; Douglas(Sean Bennet), a Revolutionary whose descendant prefers to be in the army; Kasia(Zofia Wichlacz), a Polish revolution warrior, who’s family is ripped apart by the Nazis; Webster(Brian J Smith), a queer surgeon, and his partner, Albert(Parker Sawyers), a jazz composer and man of brilliance, working in Paris. So with these many significant characters, the tale is filled with small, interwoven stories, hyperlinked at times. 

To wrap it up in a few words, Harry is sent to Poland, where he creates a connection with Kasia whose family is among those ripped apart by the Germans' brutal attack. Lois's dad Douglas whose fighting against war becomes frequently out of step; and the American writer broadcasting from Berlin, terrified by Nazi crimes she witnesses while fighting against the vigilant eyes of those watching her every word. The remaining story is how all these characters fight back life, love, most importantly survival.

With too many characters in the show, Robina who depicted the role of  Lesley Manville, Harry’s intense mom and Zofia Wichłacz’s Kasia, acquainted as the third segment of Harry and Lois’ fancy triangle were the show-stealers. They just have deported themselves to those War times and had performed. Robina is a credible and craftily humorous depiction of a woman who unwillingly lets down her guardian in acknowledgement to the fight. Her character is deceivingly passionate and firm to shield Poland instead of moving away with his wealthy British spouse. Remarkably, GOT Fame Sean Bean arrives in a deplorable crisis as Lois and Tom’s father, battling back his own offensive recollections of World War I, while Hunt’s spiky American reporter Nancy gracefully sustains heartbreaks of both the professional and private class. 

Music and Other Departments
The technical aspects of the show are just as skillfully accomplished as the scripting and performing side. Speaking of the lens work, it fluctuates exceptionally between accurate intimacy and exciting battle scenes. With a brilliant and crisp scissor-work, two other distinguished components of the show are the Costumes and Set-work. Both of them could not have been executed so authentic without making too many researches from the Archives. The show's music is intense where it has blend from the retro vintage moods and contemporary Zimmer-esque score.

Apart from the show's brilliant writing and execution, how the common warriors and rascals are born, produced, or developed in the aspect of horrific circumstances. When there are stories and shows made on warriors and wars, here's a beautiful exhibition where it emphasises the lives of the common man during the war. I find that as the biggest highlight than the show's writing or a star's performance or even explaining a scene from the show.

Having experienced the whole engagement of the show, the biggest disadvantage is the first episode. It’s a little sluggish and it knocks a few momentum collisions in conversation and pacing. But as the show proceeds, it makes us forget the slow-burns of Episode 1 by propelling the personas and their storylines on their fateful trip towards the conclusion of the battle.

War narratives have always presented rich backdrops for romance, and this one is no exemption from the conventional idea. Having said it is conventional, it is unusually conventional as it hits the realism through its strong writing, exciting performances and authentic technical work. Each artist delivers a nuanced character through their performance, inspiring the characteristics of the characters with passion, intensity and a strong backstory. The execution is just as elegantly done, with an ultimate commodity of flawlessly portrayed love, hatred, and everything in between. Exhibiting a contemporary awareness, the show also converges on multiple perspectives of life -- from being gay and closeted to having a kid with a therapeutic disease like epilepsy -- that was particularly uncertain as the Krauts sought to promote their Nazis, but frequently neglected in past depictions of the war based films or shows. The show is unquestionably a character-driven war drama, but those personalities, and the subtle performances that form them, are more than satisfying to accomplish through the dislocated opening episode and understand where their memoirs go as World War II passes in expanse and tension.

Do I recommend?
It is a must-watch if you are a fan of War-Dramas and please watch even if you are not! Because the show is WOW



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