World War II in Colour HD Review - A pro British, informative take on history

World War II in Colour HD Review - A pro British, informative take on history
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As a writer and a history enthusiast, I have come to learn that the World Wars have fascinated me in more than one way. In spite of the devastation and the heinous bombings that caused unwarranted disruption of life, these wars pretty much defined how we look at the world today. Some of the misdoings of the world war have trickled its way into the modern world, giving rise to needless annihilation and mass-massacre. The World War II HD colour on Netflix gives a detailed insight into the on-goings of the Axis and the Allied Powers. The producers have managed to dig out a wealth of archival videos and historical analysis on the subject (from several viewpoints). They have carefully pieced the procured information together to create a documentary that is telling of the times but is yet partial in its orientation, as it pretty much puts Britain on a pedestal. This was pretty expected of Netflix as an OTT platform that has very pro British shows of the like of The Crown, the Documentary on Lady Diana Spenser, and more. Robert Powell narrates the World War II documentary. The language is simple and comprehensible, with an intonation that is neutral to world learners and history enthusiasts. The Documentary is a 13 part series. Each episode pans for an approximate 50 odd minutes. The information is heavy with insights on how imperialism saw its demise in Europe, the great depression, the rise of the Nazi Power, the uncommon strength and versatility of the Italian Naval, and the uniqueness in Britain’s unmatched Air Force. The documentary throws light on Spain’s involvement in the war and the aftermath effects on the other European nations too. However, what gets sidelined is India and China’s contribution to the World War. There is a famous Indian judge named Radhabinod Pal, who chaired the International Military Tribune for the Far East (IMTFE) who has been greatly respected by the Japanese even today. He was the only lawyer to have given the Japanese War Criminals a guilt-free passage. While the Tokyo trials have been conveniently dismissed the Nuremberg war crimes have been showcased in great detail. The documentary shows the progressive rise to Hitler’s power as the Fuehrer of Germany and how he worked towards the step-by-step establishment of the German army and the Luftwaffe (German Air force). The troops were later sent to various parts of Slovakia and Prussia to unify with Germany once again. The Pearl harbour bombing has been shown in progressive order, right from the inception of the planned onslaught. The developments of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings too haven’t been missed. Winston Churchill had a very important role to play in the war. His role has been conveniently sidelined for reasons unknown. The only aspects of Britan that have been made omnipresent are the bravado of the Airforce. The British have also made it sound like the powerful Italian’s and the German’s fuelled the war, while Britan and France were in no capacity to carry on, apart from supporting other European nations, for safeguarding their colonies (which also got no mention). The views of the World War are very biased indeed but are very telling of certain incidents from viewpoints that are lesser-known to the man in the present day, as certain aspects have been well-masked by historians.

Rating: 3/5

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