Yaara Review - A lackluster crime drama that fizzles out after a fine start!

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Yaara Review - A lackluster crime drama that fizzles out after a fine start!

Format: Web Series
Platform: ZEE5 
Movie Rated: 18+ 
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Language: Hindi
Digital Premiere Date: 30 July 2020


Coming off as a ‘Friendship Day’ special, Yaara is the next offering from Tigmanshu Dhulia, opting for a direct release on Zee5 skipping a theatrical release.

What’s the story about?
Yaara takes the road to narrate the story about four friends. The film opens with Phagun (Vidyut) being spotted with 2 of his old friends at a family gathering, but things break loose when the fourth friend who was in jail for 11 years, returns to the scene. This sets off an array of problems for the trio, who have to decide between safeguarding themselves and fighting for their long-lost friend who has finally made a return.

The good thing about Yaara is that it begins in a very engaging fashion, right from the early tales on how the friends got together and the bank job that they debut with. However, the film nosedives after the 40-minute mark and hardly put forth any scenes or sequences worth talking about. The second half is butt-numbing, as it tries hard and fails to hold our attention, as the overtly spread melodramatic events and the emotional drama aren’t carried forward by the actors or surprises in the screenplay. This is disappointing to see, as there’s nothing much to cheer for even though the source material is taken from a French film ‘Les Lyonnais’.

The cast of Yaara is packed with names who would pique some attention, but what they bring to the film doesn’t even pass muster. Except for Amit Sadh who is just about fine, the rest of the cast slump horribly in their roles. Vidyut Jammwal does a great job with the stunt sequences in the film, but he still needs to brush up on his acting chops in the emotional sequences, which were on the higher side in the second half. The same goes with Shruti Haasan, who does not bring much to the table in her role which is probably the only notable female one in the entire film. The rest of the cast including Vijay Varma and Kenny Basumatary don’t even have a single moment to take home and are just treated as mere extras in the entirety of the film.

Music and other departments
Yaara is a film that had scope to shine in the musical department, but it doesn’t make use of the opportunity as there is not even one good song in the soundtrack. Visually, there are some well-shot sequences though.

The way the film takes off is definitely a highlight, with Sanjay Mishra’s little cameo being an enjoyable one.

The performances of the lead pair and the almost empty second-half punch the film in the stomach.

Did I enjoy it?
No. I was bored for most parts after the opening stretches.

Do I recommend it?
Yaara had the chance to be turned into a proper period-crime drama, but it misses the bus. Watch it at your own risk, if you are too bored and have nothing else to do.



Platform : Zee5
Language : Hindi
Synopsis : The film is based on the story of two friends who get trapped into the world of crime. While one of them decides to retire to enjoy a family life, matters go worse when the other returns.
Cast : Shruti Haasan, Amit Sadh, Vidyut Jammwal, Vijay Varma, Ankur Vikal, Swapnil kiiran Kotriwar, Hemendra Dandotiya, Amit Saad, Shaurya Khare, Mohommed Ali Shah & others
Directors : Tigmanshu Dhulia
Producer/s : Kuldeep Rathore, Sunir Kheterpal, Gaurav Bose
Cinematographer (DoP) : Rishi Punjabi
Production House : Azure Entertainment
Music : Songs: Siddharth Pandit; Score: Dharma Vish

Digital Premiere Date : July 30, 2020

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