You Season 2 Review - Internet's most beloved lady killer is back

You Season 2 Review - Internet's most beloved lady killer is back
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It is an age-old saying, passed down through generations, that women love bad boys. Nice guys finished last. Attraction and repulsion, desire and disgust, fear and eroticism — the parallel pleasures of toxic romance live on both sides of a razor’s edge, and few screen love stories have ever captured the age-old maxim and seductive obsession like You.

At the start of You season two, the suave and literary snob homicidal maniac, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is trying to turn over a new leaf or so it seems. After killing his girlfriend Beck (Elizabeth Lail), framing her therapist for murder, and being confronted by a reappeared Candace (Ambyr Childers) – his first girlfriend to disappear mysteriously – he’s moved to LA, and is living under a new identity, (Will Bettleheim).

In the first season, You was a near-perfect combo of rivetting and compelling. Season two finds Joe meeting a new woman, the unfortunately named Love (Victoria Pedretti), is now the object of his obsession, launching him down a road similar to the one that he just navigated.

"I won't let this situation go bad," Joe muses in a later episode. "I've been through that."The first three episodes do a great job of reintroducing the audience to Joe and his story, but also moving right along with the drama and new characters.

If you’ve read the book Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes, which this season is based on then you have a leg up on everyone else. But if you’re going in blind to what’s to come, then there are a lot of good surprises for you. Joe is dastardly, yet again, but makes you think he’s turned a new leaf at the start. However, he truly hasn’t and instead has a telescope in his apartment to spy on Love from afar, among other things.

Once season two picks up after episode 3, it’s just as gripping as its predecessor, manoeuvring through a torrent of twists that keep you on your toes and, by its end, will leave you completely shocked. There are more similarities between season one and two beyond our protagonist’s outlook though. Where in season one, he befriended his young neighbour Paco and became a sort of a surrogate big brother to him, here he makes friends with 15-year-old neighbour Ellie (Jenna Ortega), who he also feels the need to protect and goes to extreme lengths to do so.

Joe’s romance with Love is also met with obstacles in the shape of the people closest to her, just as with Beck. This season doesn't feature a best-friend, but Love's drug-addict brother and wannabe filmmaker, Forty, who isn't pleased with the Will-Love romance. As Will explains in his superior, world-weary monologues, he’s trying to learn lessons from how his last relationship played out – will he be able to stop himself from making the same mistakes twice?

If you want these questions answered we suggest you binge this show over the weekend.

Rating: 4.5/5

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