You Should Have Left Review: Has all the tropes of a horror-thriller but fails to sustain it.

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You Should Have Left Review: Has all the tropes of a horror-thriller but fails to sustain it.
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What is the story about?
It’s a psychological thriller which follows a family of three who moves into a secluded countryside house for a short vacation before Susanna (Amanda Seyfried) resumes her shoot for her film. But the strange occurrences and nightmares that modern house inflicts on them form the crux of the story directed by David Koepp (Secret Window).

YSHL has fewer characters in the film; each and every character has done their part well. Kevin Bacon (Theo Conroy) plays the distressed father and makes sure to he does what he’s best at. Amanda Seyfried has a small stint but did a commendable job. And once again a younger actor takes the trophy for the best actor in this film. Avery Essex as Ella was great. I have no complaints regarding the performances as the characters did more than they could in this film.

Initially what was supposed to be a theatrical release turned out to be a VOD (Video On Demand) from the Universal Pictures this month. YSHL has all the tropes of a horror-thriller but gives away its suspense way too early which dims down the element of surprise. It tries hard to convince the audience that they’re on the lines of “The Shining” with their haunted corridors but they fail to induce the fear which “The Shining” induced on us. Still, it has a couple of jump scares which were heartfelt genuine. And the commendable performances of the entire cast keeps you kind of satisfied to sit through 93 minutes. It struggles to instil the intriguing ingredients which keep pointing the obvious and there you are left with a thinly written screenplay.

Music and other Departments
What it lacked on the writing front was made up by the technical department. The cinematography was brilliantly backed with diligent editing. The score by Geoff Zanelli was gripping and the sound mix and design turn your home speakers really into a theatre. 

Commendable performances, great cinematography, editing and crisp sound design.

A transparent screenplay which makes it too obvious and takes away the element of surprise. 

Did I enjoy it?
I did enjoy the parts of it.

Do I recommend it and why?
It’s not all that bad; you can pick this for your warm fuzzy date night. It will do the trick. It’s currently available as VOD.



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