Your next video game just might be created by Netflix!

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Your next video game just might be created by Netflix!

Netflix original Bandersnatch the offshoot of Black Mirror was quite the adrenaline rush with the interactive storytelling component, giving viewers limited control over what the characters in the film can or cannot do, which in turn would influence their decisions and give the audience a conclusive ending chosen by the viewers themselves. There was also the YouTube VR experience that fans of Stranger Things could play which would take them to Will'house and face a Demogorgon by themselves. Thus, to say the least, Netflix does have some idea on how to create games through their series and such games which are interesting and engaging and so if the streaming corporation decides to get into video games, would it really be such a surprising movie?  

Not according to Greg Peters, COO and Chief Product Officer who in a way revealed some underworkings at the corporation that is looking at a leeway for their billion-dollar business. Speaking to Fidelity Management & Research’s Nidhi Gupta he said, "We’re in the business of creating these amazing, deep universes and compelling characters and people come to love those universes and want to immerse themselves more deeply and get to know the characters better. We’re trying to figure out all of the different ways that we can increase those points of connection and deepen that fandom and certainly games are a really interesting component of that. Whether it’s gamifying some of the linear storytelling we’re doing like interactive with Bandersnatch and we’ll continue and we’ve actually launched games themselves as part of our licensing and merchandising effort and we’re happy with what we’ve seen. There’s no doubt that games are going to be an important form of entertainment and important modality to deepen that fan experience so we’re going to keep going".  

CFO Spencer Neumann added that the company has “dabbled” in games. “We’re a business that continues to learn and so far the learning has been good so we’re happy how it’s played and out and hopefully we’ll continue to learn,” he said. 

Founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings said that “in ways, we’re kind of in gaming now with Bandersnatch and we have some very basic interactive things.”.

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