ZEE5's bid to help you rediscover the joy of cooking

ZEE5's bid to help you rediscover the joy of cooking

Cooking can prove to be cathartic, provided it's not viewed as any other everyday chore and is regarded as an opportunity to display your creativity on the culinary front. In times of social distancing especially, it's important to realise cooking is a wonderful way to bond with your loved ones, share responsibilities and the streaming platform ZEE5 is proving to be of great help for those keen to make a mark in the kitchens. The platform is a delight for a culinary enthusiast with several videos featuring Indian celebrity chefs who share some of the most mouth-watering delicacies to liven up your menu. Here we handpick five such recipes for the benefit of our readers.


Desi Jeera Aloo by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
One of the tastiest traditional north Indian dishes, Desi Jeera Aloo can be prepared as a side dish or a main dish served with rotis. This recipe is a testament to what a simple blend of spices can do to a staple food. Infused with aromatic condiments, this tasteful dish is an ideal match for any occasion from a family reunion lunch to a regular TV dinner. Enjoy cooking this delightful subzi, as chef Sanjeev Kapoor walks you through this simple recipe.

Recipe Video: https://www.zee5.com/tvshows/details/khana-khazana/0-6-1388/jeera-aloo-recipe-by-sanjeev-kapoor/0-1-185498


Spicy Bhindi by Chef Gurdip
Consider ladyfingers your friend in a quarantined kitchen. Spiked with spices, this flavorsome recipe guided by Chef Gurdip makes for an ultimate fast food. With the goodness of vitamins and its delightful aroma, this dish will please everyone at the table time and again. Serve it with some dal tadka and jeera rice, and let the compliments pour in!

Video Link: https://www.zee5.com/tvshows/details/all-bout-cooking/0-6-1766/bhindi-kadai-recipe-by-chef-gurdip/0-1-216973


Punjabi Chole by Chef Ranveer Brar
Tune into Chef Ranveer Brar’s formula to a delicious homecooked delight. A popular and fiery delicacy made of chickpeas in a pool of succulent spices, Punjabi Chole is a real treat on the dinner table. With no dearth of flavorful offerings, this is an excellent source of protein and fibre and is crucial for weight management. This dish goes amazingly well with kulchas or ghee rotis.

Video Link: https://www.zee5.com/tvshows/details/ghar-sa-yummy/0-6-2117/punjabi-chole-recipe-by-chef-ranveer-brar/0-1-manual_36u2csm0m8m0


Yummy Rajma by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
India’s love affair with Rajma-chawal needs no introduction. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor tells us how this finger-licking delicacy is a simple preparation that can be put together with a handful of ingredients. Serve it with the side of onions and pickles, but make sure you prepare enough. There surely will be second and third helpings.

Video Link: https://www.zee5.com/tvshows/details/khana-khazana/0-6-1388/rajma-rasmisa-recipe-by-sanjeev-kapoor/0-1-183858

Perfect Paneer Bhurji by Chef Gurdip
You are sure to let go off the misconception that vegetarian food is boring, especially when you have the mouth-watering recipe of paneer bhurji at your disposal. An easy and effortless culinary goodness, this decadent dish is a go-to option for those looking to prepare some comfort food as guided by Chef Gurdip.

Link: https://www.zee5.com/tvshows/details/all-bout-cooking/0-6-1766/paneer-bhurji-recipe-by-chef-gurdip/0-1-218914

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