Zombie Story 'Vetaal' haunts Netflix and Shahrukh Khans 'Betaal' with plagiarism charges

Jeya Suriya -

Zombie Story 'Vetaal' haunts  Netflix and Shahrukh Khans 'Betaal' with plagiarism charges

Netflix released the trailer of their new horror show Betaal which created a good buzz. The show is bankrolled by SRK‘s Red Chillies and that gave the much needed viral factor for the trailer. However, it looks like there could be a last-minute fuss for the OTT monster and the producers of the show in taking it ahead. Marathi screenwriters Sameer Wadekar and Mahesh Gosawi have testified that the show has lifted the plot of their zombie film titled Vetaal. They have also told now that they have registered their script with SWA (Screen Writers Association)
On speaking to Mid-Day latterly, Wadekar said that they had enrolled the script with the SWA last year itself and SRK’s Betaal went on the floors in July 2019 which is one year later after their registration. He also added that they tossed the idea of their flick to other makers but not to Red Chillies Entertainment. “We never planned the script to pitch it to Red Chillies Entertainment, so the liability isn’t with SRK or his production, but definitely with the platform that commissioned it. I haven’t been able to conclude how it (the idea) reached them,” said Wadekar after their first hearing at the High Court.
The writer also appended that anyone can find more than ten similar things with Betaal and Vetaal. He described in detail, “We have represented zombies as descendants of the Vetaal troops from Shivaji’s era while, in Betaal, they are shown as belonging to the British era. We have written a scene where the soldiers dance to a folk song during a cavalcade. A comparable sequence is included in their trailer.”
Meanwhile, the court has dismissed their appeal of putting a stay on the show but has affirmed that they can challenge damages after proving that the show is stolen. SRK's Red Chillies and Netflix haven’t discussed or released a press note on the issue yet.

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